Classic/Military Insurance

We have many years experience in this area and can offer quotations on many different unusual types of vehicles such as Tanks, Jeeps, Classic Fire Engines and Buses, everyday classics to exotic vehicles.

We look at every quote in detail to ensure we are giving you the best deal at terms that will suit you too and can also arrange classic vehicle fleet insurance, please click here for a classic vehicle fleet quotation.

We search from a panel of major insurers to ensure we find a policy to suit your needs at a competitive price. We operate a classic car insurance UK call centre with helpful and knowledgeable staff to enable us to look after you and answer your questions throughout the duration of your policy, which is why at Barry Grainger Ltd we often find that our customers come back to us to request assistance with other insurance needs such as motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and breakdown cover.

To obtain a Classic Car Insurance UK excluding Northern Ireland quotation please complete the form below and we will contact you with a quotation.

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